4 Best Hijab Guide to Style Different Headscarf Fabrics 2022

1. Chiffon Headscarf

A chiffon headscarf is a soft, light fabric that drapes elegantly around your face and neck. It’s a great option to wear when you’re going for a glam look, or if you just want some added texture in your outfit.

2. Satin Headscarf

A satin headscarf is made from silk—a luxurious material that’s perfect for dressing up an otherwise simple outfit. It’ll make any outfit feel like it has more substance, which can be especially useful when you want to go somewhere formal but don’t want to wear a dress or skirt.

3. Velvet Headscarf

A velvet headscarf is made from the same type of fabric as satin but with a slight sheen to it (think velvet). This makes it stand out more than other fabrics, so it’s a good choice if you want something that will draw attention away from your face or hair!

4. Cotton Headscarf

If your budget doesn’t allow for anything else, cotton headscarves are still an option! Cotton is durable and inexpensive enough that even if they don’t last forever they’ll still be worth their cost in time saved by not having to wash them regularly

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