Fans bash Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott for flying in separate jets to

Reactions were ignited when Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner arrived at the exact location in separate private jets.

According to the Twitter feed Celebrity Jets, the couple took off from Miami and arrived in Van Nuys on the same day, although at different times.

Although the couple hasn’t explained why they chose to fly separately, their admirers have dubbed them “selfish” for harming the environment.

One social media user tweeted, “Does she not know this is the same earth her kids have to live in too,” according to The Sun.

“Fine, they don’t care about anyone else, but their children will also be impacted by global warming. Another person remarked, “These folks are so selfish.

One angry user questioned, “How could they not feel awful for the world?” and another added, “The planet is choking.”

I would think that they have their teams of individuals, among other things,” a fan remarked in defence of Kylie and Travis.

It continued, “The quantity of clothing, shoes, security, makeup, and videographers she travels with probably needs its plane.”

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