Fat Transfer Transforms Your Life. A Safe Procedure.

Our bodies distort due to the rapid increases in the aging process. And it starts producing and storing fat. This produces stress and insecurity in your social connections. We work hard to change our bodies. We spend a lot of time working out and dieting. But, they are unable to meet their objectives. But, medical science and cosmetology have introduced many alternatives. Fat transfer in Dubai will transfer your life. It is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. It uses your fat to increase your lips, breasts, buttocks, or other body regions. This procedure can provide a plumper, more youthful appearance while treating scars. Plastic surgeons also do this reconstructive surgery treatment.

What Is The Aim Of The Process?

This harvesting method is a new way to enhance your figure. It is gaining popularity. Because of the attractive, natural effects. It has many advantages. People who are unhappy with the volume and contour of their buttocks, face, hips, breasts, or belly. They can have their own fat transferred to these places. Which improves the appearance of both. This process appeals to a wide range of people. Because the operation is less invasive and versatile. It is effective to fill in lost volume in the face. It increases the shape and dimension of your hips. And it also smooths out depressions in the stomach or breasts. Which arises because of trauma or previous surgery. This technique is beneficial for the belly, legs, and buttocks. Because it is a “trouble area” for many people and often has copious pockets of fat. Problematic regions are contours.

Which Portions Are Suitable For Fat Transfer?

A cosmetic surgeon can remove excess fat from your hips, or thighs to several regions. And then after removing it from those areas. For instance, you could have a:
  • Fat accumulation in your breast areas (breast augmentation).
  • Transfer of fat to the buttocks (Brazilian butt lift).
  • Fat deposits on your face.
  • Fat is being transferred to your hips.
  • Transfer of fat to your lips (lip augmentation).
  • Fat deposits on your cheeks.
  • Transfer of fat under the eyes

What Can Fat Transfer Not Do?

Because the fat transfer is not a weight-loss operation. You will not notice a significant change in the area where your surgeon removes the fat. Fat transfer aims to remove enough fat cells to plump up the desired location.

Who Should Consider Fat Transfer?

If you meet the following criteria, you may be an excellent candidate for fat transfer:
  • You’re almost at your greatest weight.
  • They are in good health.
  • Don’t smoke before the process.
  • Have enough fat on your body.
  • If you’re increasing a larger area such as your hips or buttocks.
  • Have realistic expectations and desire subtle, natural-looking outcomes.

How Should I Get Ready For Fat Transfer Surgery?

You will be requesting detailed information. How to prepare for your procedure, such as
  • Herbal products should be avoided.
  • Take no ibuprofen or aspirin.
  • Applicant must balance their diet and stay hydrated.
  • Gave up smoking.

What Happens Before The Fat Transfer Procedure?

A local anesthetic is usually administered before fat transfer surgery. You are awake during the process but are not in any discomfort. If any of the following conditions apply. You may be under general anesthesia and fall unconscious during the procedure:
  • The treated area has grown in size.
  • You’re not undergoing for more cosmetic procedures.

What Happens During The Process?

Fat transfer surgery in Dubai might take anywhere between an hour and four hours. The timing is determined by your unique scenario. Lip fat transfer, for example, takes roughly an hour. Breast fat transfer might take anywhere from three to four hours. Your plastic surgeon will do the following during surgery:
  • The experts will use liposuction to remove excess fat from a specific area of your body.
  • Then the expert will remove fat from the target area with the help of tubes.
  • The fat will be drawn from places such as the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks.
  • Then it will examine and purify the fat so that it is safe to inject into the target area.
  • Then it will inject purifies fat into the area to increase its volume.
  • Although it is a difficult surgical technique.
  • When conducted, the mechanics are quite simple to grasp.
  • Then the expert will suggest post-process care.

What Are The Aftercare Instructions?

It is a convenient method. If applicants want effective results. Then you must follow the instructions:
  • Only use prescribed medicines.
  • Avoid heavy exercise.
  • Stop using any drugs and alcohol.
  • Do not touch the target area.
  • Keep the place dry and clean.
  • Avoid using cosmetics on the target side.

What Happens After A Fat Transfer Procedure?

It is typical to encounter adverse effects in both the donor and the treated area. After fat transfer surgery. There are no chances of infection. But some sensitive patients may experience the following:
  • Applicants may experience pain.
  • Chances of bruising.
  • Chances of pain or discomfort.
  • You may need to wear a compression garment to aid healing and recovery.

What Advantages Does Fat Transfer Have?

Because you’re using your own tissue rather than an implant. There are several advantages to fat transfer:
  • Your outcomes appear more natural.
  • It is not a foreign material, and it minimizes the likelihood of an allergic reaction.
  • It is an outpatient operation, you can go home on the same day.
  • You can plump up minor portions of your body, such as your hands and acne scars.
  • AFT breast augmentation, unlike breast implants, leaves no visible scars.
  • The area where fat is suctioned out becomes thinner.
  • This is a straightforward treatment with few risks.
  • You will have gorgeous-looking breasts that appear natural.

What Is The Cost Of The Procedure?

The cost of fat transfers in Dubai is low. It is not constant. It depends on many factors. Including the target area selection. Every person’s target side is distinct from the other. The condition of the patients. The skills of the experts. The geographical location of the clinic. And the results’ expectations. It starts at around AED 20,000.

What Are The Risks Of The Procedure?

Fat transfer risks may include:
  • Bleeding.
  • Fat that becomes lodged in a vein and travels to your lungs (fat embolism).
  • Fluid accumulation behind your skin (stroma).
  • The majority of fat cells do not survive.
  • Scarring is severe.
  • Unwanted outcomes.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From The Surgery?

The length of your recuperation depends on the site of the fat transfer. Some adverse effects, such as edema, can take several weeks to resolve.

Will I Need Many Fat Transfer Sessions?

The sessions required to depend on the size of the treated area and the volume requested. Lip enhancement requires only one treatment. Many Fat transfer in Dubai procedures may be necessary to enhance the breasts or buttocks.

Is Fat Transfer Safe?

Yes! This procedure is completely risk-free. Working with a plastic surgeon who has extensive expertise in performing. This transfer is critical because it takes a high level of skill. Risks are possible with any cosmetic surgery.

Is Fat Transfer Effective?

The technique is successful in giving you a natural look. It gives you a young appearance.  When performed by a professional, experienced plastic surgeon.

How Long Do The Outcomes Last?

The effects of fat transfer are lasting. But, because not all fat cells survive the treatment, you may not meet the desired volume. It takes a roughly half year to inject fat cells to get a fresh blood supply. And for the ultimate results to become visible.

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