How to tie a headscarf?

Magicians make vibrant and colorful scarves reappear and disappear with superb sleight of hands. Celebrities and movie stars elegantly don trendy women’s head scarves with great panache. 

Scarves are most likely the most versatile and enchanted fashion accessory in every lady’s wardrobe. They are the best solution to every type of hair problem; having a bad hair day? Put on a scarf. 

Suffering from hair loss? Tie a head scarf. Did the hairstyle turn bad? Put on a scarf. 

Didn’t get the time to wash your hair? Tie a scarf. 

Head scarves for women cover up all hair problems while complementing your overall look. 

While scarves are a must-have accessory in every woman’s wardrobe, you just have to learn how you can wear a scarf beautifully that can hide all your flaws while flattering your outfit and appearance. 

As varied as the far limits of the imagination, women’s scarves come in various hues, patterns, shapes, and fabrics. You can tie rectangular scarves or bandanas, square scarves, and more styles to make stylish fashion statements with the right tying techniques. 

Here we’ve broken down some of the trendy and flattering head scarves tying ideas:

Selecting the Women’s Headscarf For Tying 

Before getting into the head scarf tying ideas, choose the scarf shape first because scarves come in different shapes and sizes, and choosing a shape is purely a matter of taste and preferences. So, it’s really helpful to look for different models and fabrics to achieve your favourite head scarf look. 

Following are the three scarf shapes and their features:

Square Scarves:

Square scarves can be tied or knotted easily. So, if you want a scarf that sets perfectly at once and you don’t have to refresh the style again and again, square scarves are the best ones to opt for. 

Rectangle Scarves:

Rectangular scarves are well-known to offer the most styling versatility. If you have a rectangular scarf in your closet, there are plenty of options to go for that suit your style. 

Pre-Tied Scarves:

Pre-tied scarves are also one of the best scarves to don. You don’t need to get frustrated with tying options when wearing a pre-tied scarf as it requires very little to no tying. 

Though women’s square scarves are the easiest ones to tie and style, we’ll be getting into the details of tying a square headscarf; Let’s get started!

Tying a Square Headscarf 

Square head scarves are the easiest ones to tie and style without so many steps. They are the best ones for beginners too. You can style a square scarf in the following ways:

Classic Square Headscarf Style 

  • Fold your square scarf into a triangle shape. 
  • Place the triangle’s folded edge along your forehead. 
  • Take the two sides back to your neck’s nape. 
  • Tie a knot above the triangle and then move on to a bow or a square knot. 

Vintage Head Wrap

  • Fold your scarf into a triangle shape.
  • Place the triangle’s folded edge along your forehead.
  • Cross your scarf’s two edges underneath your chin. 
  • Now, attach the ends to the side or back of your neck. 
  • Tie the edges in a square knot.   

Rosette Twisted Scarf Wrap

  • Fold your scarf in a triangle shape.
  • Put the scarf’s folded edge along your forehead. 
  • Gather all loose edges of the scarf.
  • Create a spiral by tying the edges together.
  • Form a bun out of the spiral to create a rosette. 
  • Now, secure the rosette by tucking the loose edges into the folds.

Square Scarf Turban

  • Fold a scarf into a triangle shape.
  • Place the scarf’s folded edge against the nape of your neck with the pointy triangle towards your face. 
  • Take the two long sides towards the front of your head and secure them by tying a knot over the triangle. 
  • Bring the two long edges and take them to the back, and knot them once again. Now, tuck the edges up into the wrap. 
  • Bring the triangle in the front, tuck it into the knot and make any necessary adjustments. 

Bows Away Scarf Turban

  • Fold your scarf into a triangle shape.
  • Centre the scarf’s folded edge at the nape of your neck.
  • Take each edge over your ears and up to your head’s top. 
  • Create a bow with the long edges of your scarf.
  • Slide in the triangle and edges of the bow into the sides.  

Square Head Wrap

  • Fold your scarf into a triangle shape. 
  • Place the triangle’s folded edge along your forehead.
  • Bring the two edges back to your neck’s nape. 
  • Tie a single knot on.
  • Take the ends back, up to your forehead, and tie a tiny square knot. 

Hat Wrap 

  • Fold Your Scarf into a triangle.
  • Roll the folded end of the scarf towards the triangle’s point. 
  • Place the rolled end across the hat’s crown.
  • Bring the two edges of the scarf and wrap them around the ends of the hat’s crown. 
  • Wrap them in a square knot or bow on the side or at the back. 

That’s how prettily and easily you can style a headscarf. We hope you love these ideas, and this guide will be your rescuer whenever you’ll have women’s scarves in your styling options. Plus, these are available in a huge variety at; you can buy women’s scarves at our website at reasonable price tags in the UK!

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