Jennifer Lopez Recreated a Photo From 2002 to Announce New

The album, as stated by People, “chronicles the emotional, spiritual, and psychological journey that she has taken over the past two decades,” which includes her rekindled relationship with Ben Affleck.
Although the artist legally adopted her husband’s last name in July, her album This Is Me…Now will be released in 2023 under the name Jennifer Lopez.I will continue to be referred to as Jennifer Lopez. However, since we have joined forces, my legal name will be Mrs. Affleck,” she stated in a recent interview with Vogue. We are both married. I’m happy about that.That doesn’t seem like a problem to me.
She went on to say, “I feel empowered as a woman and as a person. I am very much in control of my own life and destiny. “It’s fine for people to have feelings about it, which I can understand. However, if you want to know how I feel about it, all I can say is that I find it romantic. I still associate it with romance and tradition, and perhaps I’m just that kind of girl.”

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