Royal Family Tree

Royal Family Tree

Prince Albert

Born August 26, 1819

Died December 14, 1861

children: Edward VII, Victoria, Princess Royal,

Spouse: Queen Victoria

Edward VII

Born: November 9, 1841,

Died: May 6, 1910,

children: George V, Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom,

Spouse: Alexandra Denmark

King George V

Born: June 3, 1865,

Died: January 20, 1936,

Children: George VI, Edward VIII, 

Spouse: Mary of Teck

king Edward viii

Born: June 23, 1894,

Died: May 28, 1972,

Spouse: Wallis Simpson

king George vi

Born: December 14, 1895,

Died: February 6, 1952,

Children: Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, Countess of Showdown

Spouse: Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

Born: April 21, 1926,

Died: September 8, 2022,

Children: Charles III, Anne, Princess Royal, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex

Spouse: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

King Charles III

Born: November 14, 1948

Children: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, William, Prince of Wales

Spouse: Diana, Princess of Wales; Camilla, Queen


Charles is the Commonwealth’s Head of Government and the current King of the United Kingdom. Charles, the oldest child of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, was born at Buckingham Palace in 1948. He continued his education at many colleges and universities, including Cheam and Gordonstoun Schools (which his father had attended before him) and Cambridge University, before enlisting in the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. As a result, he became the first British monarch and heir to the throne to hold a university degree.







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