Saba Faisal’s Son Calls the Public Disgusting After Mother’s

The well-known performer Saba Faisal recently informed her followers on Instagram that she had broken up with her son and daughter-in-law. She claimed there is a limit to everything, and her daughter-in-law has gone beyond it to disparage her and her family. She claimed that she had never discussed her troubles with her followers but that things were now out of control. In response, she had the backing of her supporters.

Saba Faisal’s Son

Her in-law’s daughter Neha Faisal has received harsh condemnation from the public. Later, after receiving trolling from admirers on her Instagram, Neha adjusted her privacy settings to shield herself from criticism. Fans disapproved of her judgmental behavior as well.

Salman Faisal, Saba Faisal’s son, spoke up about the family issue today and told the trolls, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. AVOID USING UGLY LANGUAGE AND UGLY THOUGHTS. YOU ALL SHOULD RESPECT THE FACT THAT SHE IS MY WIFE AND MY SON’S MOTHER.

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