Top 6 negative roles in Pakistani Dramas 2022

However majority of the Pakistani dramas revolve around SaaS-bahu and love triangles wherein two girls have crush on one man on two men fall in love with the beauty of an harmless and ingenue lady but there are a few dramas that cope with social issues. Those dramas have effective yet sturdy characters but they also have evil yet scheming characters that make you to hate them but additionally force you to realize them for their performing. Study below to recognize pinnacle 6 bad characters of famous dramas of our industry.

1. Ahsan Khan as Imtiaz:

Udaari’s imtiaz is the person that galvanize humans together with his noble nature on one hand but on the other hand he objectifies girls a lot that he raped his stepdaughter.

Ahsan Khan as Imtiaz

2. Bilal Abbas Khan as Wajih:

Bilal Abbas Khan proved himself that he is not boy-at-the-next-door but jampack of talent with his spoiled and egoistic Wajih avatar who find the slap of woman so insulting that he threw him off the building’s roof.

Bilal Abbas Khan as Wajih

 3.Ushna Shah as Nigar:

The crippling and innocent young lady of Balaa who is adored by her father the most will surely make you say “Eww what a witch is she!” because of her schemes and brainwashing skills that she applies on every other girl because of her being possessive about Bilal Abbas Khan- brother of two sisters and gentleman like mama’s boy of Salina Pirzada.

negative roles

4.Ayeza Khan as Mehwish

Ayeza khan’s mehwish has given another root to drama enterprise as the girl is proven having an affair with adnan siddiqui notwithstanding being married to humayun saeed who adore her a lot and is shown so gentle that any woman can be equipped to marry him.

negative roles

5.Ali Rehman Khan as Ammar:

Khaas’s Ammar annoyed all women and ladies with his narcissism and obsession for himself so much that he never misses a chance to abuse his understanding and pretty wife.

negative roles

6.Feroze Khan as Mir Haddi:

The die-heart lover of strong headed Sana Javed will surely make you realize how power if being used in wrong way when the son of politician kill the brother of four sisters because he said him “Yaar” and came in his way.

negative roles

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