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The slang world is constantly evolving, and new terms are being added to the dictionary every day. Parents need to learn modern slang words to better understand their children’s communication and stay connected with their culture.

Slang words often reflect a particular group’s current attitudes and experiences. By being familiar with these words, parents can gain insight into their children’s thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Further, using slang can also demonstrate to children that their parents are supportive and interested in their lives, strengthening the parent-child bond.

What Are Slang Words?

Slang is a term for informal statements that are popular among certain individuals, typically friends, and peers. They provide people with a novel, imaginative, and frequently amusing means of interacting with one another.

Slang phrases can include fun terms of endearment as well as words that express a particular sentiment. Therefore, it is always a good idea to understand slang vocabulary, whether you are trying to keep up with the newest trends or just want to comprehend what your kids are talking about!

Origin Of Slang Words

Slang terms have been a part of human language for decades. Therefore, you must list modern slang words according to your period. It is believed that they first appeared in various subcultures to forge a distinctive sense of community and identity. The need to express feelings or experiences that are difficult to express with formal language frequently gives rise to slang phrases.

Slang words are a significant part of youth culture since they are frequently used by young people and can spread swiftly through social networks.

Most Commonly Used Slang Words

Here are contemporary slang words in general, which you may observe your kid speaking in daily life.

  • Cheugy: Something that is out of date or a person who is trying too hard
  • Dead: Something is so funny that the speaker has “died” of laughter
  • Dope: Cool or awesome
  • OMG: An abbreviation for “Oh my gosh” or “Oh my God”
  • ONG: Basically the equivalent of “I swear to God”
  • Extra: Over-the-top, extreme
  • Hits Different: It is a modern slang word that refers to something a lot better than normal
  • IYKYK: Stands for “if you know, you know.”
  • Lit: Referring to something extremely amazing, cool, or beyond exciting
  • Low-Key: Added to a feeling or desire to downplay it
  • Mood: A word to signify agreement
  • Fire: Explains something hot, trendy, striking, or on point
  • GOAT: “Greatest of All Time”
  • Go Off: A phrase said to encourage someone to continue, usually when they are ranting about something
  • Gucci: As it states the expensive and luxurious brand, this slang recalls something good or cool.

Relationship Slang Words

Relationship slang words are terms used to describe various aspects of romantic relationships. These words are often used in casual conversation and are popular among youth cultures. Here are some examples of slang words commonly used in relationships:

  • Bae: A term of endearment for a significant other
  • Hubby/Wifey: A playful term used to refer to a spouse or long-term partner
  • Bruh: Bro or dude (terms are neutral concerning gender)
  • Cap: Fake or a lie
  • CEO: To be the “CEO of” something means they are excelling at it
  • Curve: To reject someone romantically (related to “ghosting”)
  • Emo: It hits on the list of modern slang words – someone who is emotional or a drama queen
  • Fam: Group of friends that are close to the heart
  • Ride or Die: A term used to describe a loyal and committed partner
  • O.: Short for significant other
  • BFF: Best friends forever, often used to refer to a close friend who is like a romantic partner

Compound Slang Words

It can be challenging to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-evolving language used by teens, especially regarding slang. One common way they communicate is by combining two words to form a new expression. Understanding the meaning behind these new terms requires a deeper knowledge of each word involved.

Here are a few examples to get you started on your journey to deciphering teen slang.

  • Hangry: Hungry & Angry
  • Requestion: Request and a question, or to question again
  • Crashy: Crazy and trashy, like a train wreck
  • Crunk: Getting high and drunk at the same time or crazy and drunk

Taboo Slang Words

Taboo modern slang words are terms that are considered socially unacceptable or offensive. These words are often used to express strong emotions or shock or insult others; examples of taboo slang include vulgar or obscene language, racial slurs, and derogatory terms for certain groups of people.

  • Piss Off: Go away
  • Bloody Hell: Used to express anger
  • Shit/ Crap: Something worthless
  • Bitch: Normally target word for women – used as an abusive word
  • Bastard: Referred to a man who is rude and cruel
  • Slapper: A woman who is involved in sexual activities
  • Moron: A stupid and foolish word


It’s crucial to be aware of the language we employ and to take into account the potential effects of our words on other people. Using forbidden terminology can cause harm, reinforce bad stereotypes, and even be against the law in some situations. When speaking to others, it is best to be respectful and use more neutral and inoffensive language.

Final Thoughts:

However, it’s essential to carefully use the right modern slang words in the right context. Employing slang phrases deemed unsuitable or objectionable in particular contexts or to specific individuals can be harmful or hurtful. It’s also important to understand the cultural importance and connotations of various slang terms, as these might change over time and depend on the situation.

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