A Roadway Vacationer's Overview: Acquiring Your Romanian Highway Vignette

A Roadway Vacationer’s Overview: Acquiring Your Romanian Highway Vignette


If you’re planning an adventure with the picturesque roads of Romania, don’t forget to secure your Romanian highway vignette, likewise known as “rovinietă.” This necessary sticker grants you access to Romania’s comprehensive network of highways and expressways. In this thorough guide, we’ll take you through the procedure of obtaining your Romanian highway vignette to ensure a smooth and carefree journey.

Recognizing the Romanian Highway Vignette

The Romanian highway vignette is a compulsory toll sticker required for all kinds of lorries, consisting of motorcycles, cars and trucks, and trucks, using the country’s highways and expressways. The funds collected from these vignettes contribute to the upkeep and development of Romania’s road infrastructure.

When Do You Required a Vignette?

Whether you’re a local homeowner or a visitor, if your travel plans include Romania’s highways or expressways, a legitimate highway vignette is a must. Non-compliance can lead to fines, so it’s crucial to stick to this need.

Just how to Purchase a Romanian Highway Vignette

Online Comfort: The most hassle-free technique of getting a Romanian highway vignette is with the main internet site or a specialized mobile application. On these platforms, you can pick the sort of vignette you require (e.g., 7 days, 30 days, or twelve month), supply your car details, and complete a safe online settlement. Once your settlement is confirmed, you’ll receive a digital vignette that you can either print or display on your smart phone romanian motorway vignette online.

Physical Points of Sale: If you prefer a physical vignette sticker label, you can acquire one from many authorized factors of sale situated throughout Romania. These include gas stations, boundary crossings, post offices, and various other obtainable areas. Make sure to carry your lorry enrollment papers, as they might be required throughout the purchase procedure.

Accredited Retailers: Some accredited online merchants and holiday company likewise offer Romanian highway vignettes available for sale. It’s important to verify that you are dealing with a trusted and authorized vendor to make certain a smooth deal.

Vignette Prices and Legitimacy Durations

The price of a Romanian highway vignette relies on your automobile kind and the period of its legitimacy. Rates may change, so it’s recommended to check the main site for the most current rates. Generally, you can choose from the complying with legitimacy periods:

7 days
30 days
90 days
Appropriate Present of Your Vignette

To avoid fines, it’s essential to display your vignette correctly. Fasten the vignette to the within your lorry’s windshield, on the lower-right side, ensuring it is clearly visible from the exterior. Incorrect positioning or the lack of a vignette can bring about fines.

Enforcement and Charges

Romanian authorities proactively implement the requirement for highway vignettes. Random checks are executed on highways and expressways, and cars without a legitimate vignette or those with poorly shown ones might face fines.


For a seamless and delightful trip via Romania’s highways and expressways, acquiring a highway vignette is a lawful requirement. The procedure is straightforward, with numerous acquisition options available, consisting of online systems, physical factors of sale, and authorized merchants. Remember to present your vignette correctly and preserve your repayment receipt as proof of purchase while traveling in Romania. By complying with these standards, you can explore the spectacular landscapes of Romania with no obstacles and stay certified with the legislation.