Do You Wear a Swim Shirt over a Bathing Suit?


Do You Wear a Swim Shirt over a Bathing Suit?

You’re ready for a fun day at the beach, but you can’t help but wonder, “Do I wear a swim shirt over my bathing suit?” If you’re perplexed over the topic of layering swim shirts and bathing suits, worry no more! Armed with the fantastic styles from Modora’s swimwear collection, we’re here to help you untangle this swimwear dilemma in a friendly and engaging way!

The Swim Shirt: A Crane Out of Water?

Swim shirts, also known as rash guards, aren’t exclusively designed for hardcore swimmers. They have come a long way and now cater to a variety of preferences and needs, including sun protection, comfort, modesty, and style. Incorporating one into your swimming outfit can be a game-changing decision!

But do you actually need to wear a swim shirt over your bathing suit? The answer lies in understanding your preferences, your chosen activities, and, of course, your chosen swimwear.

Swimwear Collection: A Plethora of Choices!

Over on Modora’s website, you can find an extensive modest swimwear for women that gives everyone the chance to express their unique style while incorporating important factors such as sun protection and modesty. 

Modora’s offerings – from vibrant Burkini Swimsuit Sets to elegant, flowy kimonos – have something for everyone, making it easy to flip, swim, and lounge in comfort and style at both the pool and the beach.

A Layered Look: When to Don a Swim Shirt

Now, back to our question: Do you wear a swim shirt over a bathing suit? The answer largely depends on the specific swimwear, your activity plans, and your sense of comfort.

Sun Protection

A swim shirt is an excellent way to protect yourself from harmful UV rays without slathering on excessive sunscreen. If you’re planning to engage in watersports or spend extended periods under the sun, wearing a swim shirt over your bathing suit is a smart idea.


Swim shirts can be a trendy addition to your beach or pool attire. In Modora’s swimwear collection, you can find attractive choices like the Blue Printed Burkini Swimsuit Set, which combines style and coverage while pairing with a matching bathing suit.


If you prefer an extra layer of coverage or want to avoid rubbing or chafing during water activities, wearing a swim shirt over your bathing suit provides additional comfort. A swim shirt can be especially helpful when participating in activities like surfing, paddleboarding, or snorkeling.


If maintaining modesty is your priority, you might find Modora’s Beige and Black Full-Length Burkini Swimsuit Set ideal. Designed to help you enjoy your water activities while adhering to your preferred style, it’s an elegant alternative to traditional swimwear.

Swim Shirts, Meet Kimonos!

If you’re more of a relaxed sunbather than an avid swimmer, you might want to opt for a flowy, lightweight cover-up like a kimono instead of a swim shirt. This versatile piece can enhance your beach ensemble, provide some sun protection, and transition seamlessly from beach to boardwalk.

Choose between the White Floral Chiffon Kimono, Black Floral Chiffon Kimono, or go for the sheer options with the White Sheer Kimono or Black Sheer Kimono. The possibilities are endless!

Tips & Tricks To Rock Swim Shirt over a Bathing Suit

To enjoy the fusion of swim shirt and bathing suit, follow these tidbits:

  • Choose Complementary Designs
    Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns for a dynamic, distinctive look.
  • Balance Functionality & Style
    Consider your plans for the day to find the perfect pieces for your needs.
  • Prepare for Transition
    Pack a change of clothes or layer your swim shirt with a casual bottom to easily switch from water activities to shore-side strolls.

The Wrap Up

So, do you wear a swim shirt over a bathing suit? It all depends on your preferences and needs. Whether it’s extra sun protection, style, comfort, or modesty, layering a swim shirt over a bathing suit is entirely up to you. Swoop into Modora’s swimwear collection to find a combination that fits your lifestyle like a glove, and add a stylish splash to your beach or pool-excursion!

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